"Mama, I want dinner."

G no Arashi episode 48 (:

What will make me really happy?
Going on to LJ and see stormy posting up sub videos. Yup, that will make me happy and I will be smiling all day. The videos just there waiting for you to grab and download it. That nervousness as each seconds pass by. 1 min...30 min...1 hour!! IT'S DONE! I love that feeling of joining all the splits parts together. One by one, the bar moves and one by one, you await that moment. When it's done, you go that file, your mouse moves with every blood flowing throughout your body. You click it and the sounds blast through your speaker. FINALLY!! I love it :D

Re-watching AAA again, my energy is back again. The drowsiness from the medicine that took over my body is now gone. Concerts do wonders. I wonder what exactly is a TETRAPOD? Nino did say Sho caught a Tetrapod-like object. The fish OR the object?
Tetrapods (Fish) are vetebrate animals having four feet, legs or leglike appendages. Amphibians, reptiles, limbless snakes, dinosaurs/birds and mammals are all tetrapods. I dont think he meant that one.
Tetrapods (Objects) is a four legged concrete structure used as armour unit on breakwaters. The Tetrapod's shape is designed to dissipate the force of incoming waves by allowing water to flow around rather than against it, and to reduce displacement by allowing a random distribution of Tetrapods to mutually interlock. I do think this is the one. Aiba did say it was on the ground(: Seems like Sho is the only one who is able to catch a tetrapod. ^^

It's Nakamura Shido and Ayase Haruka.

Nakamura Shido. I prefer to know him as the guy who acted in Letters of Iwo Jima and Kisarazu Cat Eye. People might prefer to know him as the guy who acted in Red Cliff and Death Note. General Gan Xing in Red Cliff. His the one who actually sacrifice for his country. & he know abit of chinese (: Wonder what is he doing on AnS? Might be promoting for Red Cliff 2 or his new movie.

About Hayase Aruka Ayase Haruka. She acted in Hotaru no Hikari. I don't know much about her but I know someone who like her. Don't get me wrong, but I like her too. Not as much as someone. CARINE, YES! She is going on AnS. Your favorite actress!

Why are people trying to get over the fact and can't they accept the fact?!
I am just trying to get over the fact that skip beat ended. Seriously this is not something people should be happy about. Can't you see that skip beat ended without a proper ending. Endings aren't supposed to be like this. All I know is that there will be skip beat 2!! THERE WILL BE!!

Being really drowsy now cos I took another dose of the medicine, so byee!!

my dearest girls, time to catch up!! 30th of march is over ! <3


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