Why do I love Arashi?

I guess I'm just annoyed by the fact that the question is being repeated hundred of times? Alot has asked me, "Why do you like Arashi that much?" Isn't it equal to me asking you "Why do you like you favorite group/band so much?" Sometimes I don't even bother to answer to you. So to solve your curiosity of a cat I decided to do this on, "Why exactly do I love Arashi that much."

My answer:

I just love everything about them. Every single bit of them.

No one I knew could actually answer that question. Or should I say no one could come out with a flawless answer. People tell me that it would actually take days to explain it. I would just tell them "Watch an Arashi video and you would know." ^o^

Arashi pwns!

1) Their friendship is amazing. The closeness between each member is something I would really get jealous of even though I have great friends. Nino always tell Aiba, "I hate you!" but deep down Nino is caring and worrying for him. At first sight, the Arashi members never seem to get too close to each other. For example Sho X Jun pairing, they hardly talk to each other but the next scene/video/show they get rabu rabu all over each other. You can really feel the chemistry.

2) The fact that they can act like idiots when they are super idol. Ya I know K8 does the same thing but dude the feeling is different. I mean look at that idiotic-unflexible-lame Sho. You can't even tell he graduated from one of the Top Universities in Japan 'Keio university' with an Economic degree. Jun sometimes act like an idiot too, you have to admit.

3) Arashi are very humble and modest people when it comes to them being famous. The rest of the member don't even believe Nino when he said they had fans in France. Even Nino want to save and scrimp for future purpose even though he earns alot & Aiba you are sooooo not a normal idol when you own a Porsche Cayman and you go gofl-ing every Friday? Only rich people do that for a PURPOSE!

4) The music that they produce. Total Arashi-style that it need its own genre. Arashi songs are very bubblegum pop that it kinds of get sticky to and DANG you are hook onto it. They have very wide variety from Encouraging to Revenge to Love and to Family Bonds. It's true when they say you will never get bored in an Arashi concert because Arashi songs are always in high tension mode esp 'HAPPINESS'!

5) Their hardwork and determination. Where they are now is all thanks to the work they put in. For example Ohno Satoshi art exhibition 'Freestyle'. 10 years of hardwork all put in it to actually present this lovely exhibition. Everyone of us was really proud of Rii-da. I could tell that Sho was really tired last year but he did his best being the olympic host!!

Arashi was once the kind of people I thought I would never meet in my whole life. I was really glad I met them. 出会いよかった!^w^

Ohno Satoshi (大野智)
Ohno also known as the leader of the group. His leader technique "Freedom 自由" This is the reason why Arashi is always so dorky. He always think that either Sho or Jun will make a good leader but what he doesn't know is that he is the best leader of all. Ohno is abnormal or his just having a hangover that he does not know what is going around him. He won't get shock over seeing a ghost inside a haunted house. Ohno take things as it comes (: His talent in singing and dancing is amazing. So amazing that you wonder whether this guy is human or not. Song for me, Top Secret, Take me faraway it will just blow you away...

Sakurai Sho (櫻井翔)
Sho is someone I admire. Even though I call him 'Baka' and sometimes I just want to kick him so hard but deep down I love him alot. He was the one who created the University and rapping boom in Johnny. How many Juniors want to start rapping because of him? Sho has very good time management which is something I always wanted. Being able to seperate work and school. How many of us can actually do that? Economic is not a subject you take lightly especially when your father is a politician. He proved to people around him that Arashi is a dream that he will not give up on. I believe you..

Aiba Masaki (相葉雅紀)
Everyone know how much I love this guy. To me his the Ikemen of Arashi. Aiba is the one I would classify as a 5 year old kid. No one over the age of 5 years old would be as energetic as him. He works on batteries. Aiba is the one that treasure Arashi so much he wouldn't have the heart to break it. Aiba do have his emo moments and he cry really easily. Just watching a normal touching movie can make him break into tears. His the next einstein. Because of his A no Arashi, Odoroki no Arashi sp was formed! Have you ever wondered....? 実験結果!

Ninomiya Kazunari (二宮和也)
Nino is like me. We are very typical gemini. Like what Carine has said, "Both of you do not think much is doing things but at the same time you get all serious over it." Once we really get addicted to things, we get addicted to it for a very long time. See how Nino is still with his magic. Nino is a very talented person. He know how to compose music, arranged it and perform it. He is widely known throughout Japan for able to act with his eyes. He is also the first Johnny to be able to act in a Hollywood movie. Each Nino drama I watch, I find myself crying.

Matsumoto Jun (松本潤)
Jun was the one that make me found Arashi. A wonderful discovery. He is known as the "Jun-baited" through either Hana Yori Dango or Gokusen. What make people and even me respect Jun is his seriousness in work. He definetly earned this respect of everyone he worked me. He take notes of the smallest thing, he doesn't want any error or mistake in concerts. Jun always get into his role when his acting. Remember never ever go against 'Domyouji Tsukasa' if not Jun will go Do-S against you :p

The best thing I found throughout this fandom is Arashians.

People like

An-chan, Carine, Charmaine, Christine, Jocelyn, Josephine, Julia, Larry, Lyn, Mandy, Minty, Qingpei, Rachel, Reki, Satosuki, SiHan, Silv, Snoew, Xinying and Zemin and people who i have met (:
You were the person who have make me understand how popular Arashi is in Singapore.

Adrienn, Aerhys, Ai, Aimee, Akaisuki, Andrea, Angela, Ann, Aya, Chie nee-san, Dayah, Denise, Emily, Grace, Gwen, Gwendy, Ija, Ingga, Iza, Jae-kun, Jamie, Jek, Jonna, Joyce, Julia, Junko, Kukai, Leen, Lily, Linda, Mace, Mia, Miki, Nene, Nelly, Oba, Ofie, Pan, Pot, Puffy, Rhis, Rie-chan, Robyn, Sachi, Saigo, Salwa, Sara, Sarah, Savannah, Shasha, Shakie Sophie and Wani.
You guys were always there when I needed someone to go flailing over Arashi and Sho!! You all were also the one who killed me with all the pic spamming at the shoutbox. One day I'm going to meet everyone of you and I wish you all the best to those going Japan this year!!



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