24時間テレビ - Tokio

Guess who's in this year 24時間テレビ?

Tokio - 01

Tokio です. Hoho another 24hour of televison to catch up in August! I thought they would let K8 do it since K8 have't do it yet. I think xD Joshima otousan and his 優しい笑顔 is a die for.

nagase - 01

This was their 1998 clip on 24時間テレビ and Nagase was only 19. WOW! So Mabo said that with this year's 24時間テレビ, he will have done it during his 十代、二十代 and 三十代. Then Taichi was upset so he said "お前調子のんだよ!" hahaha :D Taichi I love you but stop bullying Nagase. He could blow you away with one blow~

2010.04.26 - DonDon [24hour promo] 2.avi_000024000

2010.04.26 - DonDon [24hour promo] 2.avi_000025200

Tokio doing 24時間テレビ in 2003 with Taichi reading the letter! OhGod, I must find, I must find, I must find this clip no matter how many days it will take me!! Cos he cried in it TT_TT /patpat

2010.04.26 - DonDon [24hour promo] 2.avi_000037733

Mabo gives him a kiss (: Aww~!

yay can't wait :D


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