I miss Sara nee-chan ):
I miss trying to catch the exact time PM-ing her on MSN even though we are 13 hours apart.
I miss the time we will flail about Arashi.
I miss nee-chan drunk crapping.
I miss her talking about the beach.
I miss being able to communicate well with her even though our age is 10 years difference.

Afterall, I really miss Sara nee-chan(:

Went out with gracey on Monday ^o^ Novena Square/ Velocity! What would I call, my choice of fine dining XD As people grow older, won't they slowly start to appreciate the things around them. As the food get more expensive, the smaller the bite become. Using your taste, smell, touch and sight, you determine how delicious and how much is it really worth.

I like Fine Dining, Tea Time and Cheesecake <3


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