Lovers Again

Sunset from Zhong Xiang view :D きれいいね~

It's the day after Good Friday and the day before Easter. Lonely Saturday~

For the past few days, it seems that I'm going back into the Cpop Music scene. I know sounds wierd for someone who has been listening to Jpop/Jrock for nearly 2 years or more. When the J wave back them was so huge, I used to be like a drama freak! I watched shows by almost all the Johnny members. At that time I was too small to be baited by Jun, Koichi, Nagase nii or even KimuTaku. If I was baited then, I would have been suck into some strange pyramid with 50+ boys surronding me at such a small age o.O I would be broke almost everyday. Seriously broke!! Asking or to the point of begging my mom get me some JE goods especially SMAP dvds!! If that did happen, I swear my mom would start hating everything about Johnny or even Japan. BUT Jun did save me & till now I felt that my reason for hating him was quite idiotic and ridiculous. If Koichi didn't wanted to act in Kindaichi of cos they need to find someone who is willing to act that creepy show. I guess Jun agreed and that was his first lead show. Until bambino, he didn't played the lead. I know people are asking, "Then what about HYD, his domyouji right? meaning he played the lead show right?" Dude, the whole HYD is focusing on Makino and the F4 are like the supporting actor ._.

Back to Cpop!! Sorry for being random but I can't help it!! Seriously what is wrong with me. If it's taiwan I'm okay with it. IT'S CHINA SONG! (not being racist here :P) I like their slang and accent. The way they twirl their tounge is quite cool. Japanese can't twirl their tounge that's why they can't pronounce words with 'L' if not why is Aiba saying "Engrish" instead of "English". I love his ENGRISH! I really like ONE china group cos the lead singer is cute their songs are really HIGH! If you don't talk to me daily you won't know this song! & I love the PV! (See its MV but I can't help saying PV!) If you can read my mind you will know it~

Actually, I'm just starting to miss Exile songs. *bang wall and shoot self with rifle*

Happy belated birthday to my dear kurosagi Yama-PEA! How's living in the moutain as a PEA? Not growing up to become a mighty beanstalk? Whenever I think of PEA i think of Jack and the beanstalk. Strange? Wow, stalk = stalker. fufufufu

I'm dragging Monday! Why? Tell you on monday :D It won't kill, I'm sure.


Liting die Liting die! *lie on the floor dead*


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