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Can someone tell me whether 藤堂あゆみ was 'born' or created to kill me?! One day or another day soon, I will die. The reason for death: Loss of too much blood. I was catching up with all the chibi Arashi dramas and I came across [天国に一番近い男2] Heaven cannot wait.

Kazuya Okinoshima (Matsuoka Masahiro) is a school teacher at a tough school. However Kazuya is visited by angel Tendo (Jinnai Takanori) who presents him with a series of missions from God. Missions that he must fulfill on pain of death. Tendo is still the angel, but Kazuya is a look-alike of the original Shiro.

Matsu-nii!! Sho acted with Matsu-nii!!! The drama is really funny and good. I didn't watch the first series though. Okay, I'm biased :P It was sweet with Tendo-sensei protecting Kazuya-sensei every friday. Every time Tendo will pass a message using different ways to Kazuya-sensei on the time of his death which will happen every friday. Kazuya-sensei hated Friday!! Everytime Kazuya-sensei learn something important and change for the better, he would escape death. For example in Episode 6, if Kazuya sensei never went to save Hayashi-san (not the rice), he would have died in a plane crash. But in the last episode he found out about Tendo. O.o watch too find out or highlight this mentally ill. I think what was the funniest thing in the whole series was when Kazuya-sensei thought Kurosawa-san like him. HAHAHAH in the end she like dearest.

Sho wasn't the lead in the show that's why I like Episode 10 '世界ー悲しい悪魔' Let me tell you more about Toudou Ayumi (藤堂あゆみ). Ayumi-chan is someone that every girl will go for. No I'm not joking. Just watch the drama and see for yourself. A-hem *coughcough* Todou Ayumi is seen as a Prince Charming. He can do almost everything from studying to sports. He likes to lead and is always seen as the leader of the class. (Hint: His situation is VERY Yamada Tarou.) BUT BUT B-BUT! What his best at is threating people. Everyone listens to him even the teachers. Everyone knew how evil Ayumi-chan can be except for the Pricipal, Kazuya Sensei, Tendou Sensei and Kurosawa-san. Every month he get more than 10 thousand yen from the teachers just by showing them some picture :P In this series, Ayumi-chan want Kazuya-sensei out of the school because he thought that Kurosawa like Kazuya-sensei. Ya, Ayumi-chan like Kurosawa-san. & his so evil trying to kiss her in most of the episode but everytime he FAIL! Muahahah. (I'm just jealous, ignore me)

Think his evil? Think again.

Ayumi-chan was forced.
FORCED!?!? How??
Ayumi, isn't RICH! His poor.

Yes! Not long after Chimei (Toudou's sister) was born, his mother ran away with another guy. His father couldn't take it and he lost his job. Instead of going out there to find another job, he put the blame of Ayumi-chan. Now all he does is drink, smoke at home. To support the family and Chimei's education, Ayumi-chan had no choice but to threaten other people.

He could work right?

Yes, he can. But for some wierd reason, that b@stard wouldn't allow him to work. He said, "What can we do with the money that you earn while working?" BUT isn't it still money!!! So when Kazuya-sensei went to his house to tell the father that Ayumi-chan quit school, the father was so angry that he abused him. THAT'S FCUKING CHILD ABUSE, MR!! How dare you bully my dearest Sho?!?!?! Kazuya-sensei got in time to save Ayumi-chan and they put the father behind bars because he wanted it in case he hurt Ayumi-chan again. This boy need some love. Come to me!!! *pat pat* I want to squish him so much when he was being hit.

Enjoy the video ^w^ Before that, pardon tudou for the extremly slow speed if you are watching this in the day or weekend :D & also, this is the abuse scene. Rated PG. Don't watch if you don't like to see people getting abuse. This is my fetish so deal with it. Judge me for all I care :P


O-oh and this guy is the same age as our dearest Riida!!! Guys that are slowly turning 30 gets hotter. Example is both SATOSHI, KENKEN, NAGASE & Kinki :D & that guy at Medi-ya :P Before someone start saying things, this doesn't apply too everyone.


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