Yes, I fell in love with his eyes.

I'm back to loving Tokio so much more. Loving Tokio is really peaceful and so much better. Don't hit me!! What I mean was that Tokio the group itself is amazingly attractive but I still love Arashi that much too. I don't understand what I'm talking about -.- Arashi is like the 2nd tokio without the instruments. SENAPI COME FIRST!!! (I'm liking the senpai-kouhai relationship in Johnny especially with Shounentai, Hikaru Gengi, SMAP time.) & Why do I say that?

Joushima otousan is someone who is very secretive. Like what Taichi said, he doesn't even know about Otousan private life. (Otousan shops at Shibuya and knows about the most fashionable stuff :D) He is a person who does not want Tokio to worry much about him afterall his the oldest. Yet, the rest of them worry the most about him. HIS REACHING 40 NEXT YEAR!! & when Joushima go high I really mean high!! There was this time when the cameraman ask him whether he was okay he said, "FINE BABY! I'M SO FINE!" I SPIT OUT MY DRINK THE MOMENT I HEARD THAT!

Yamaguchi. Yama papa, his really a nice guy and he runs REALLY FAST!! If you ever did see Johnny sports festival the beach flag race, you will be amazed by how fast Yama papa legs can take him. Why I call him Yama Papa is not because his like a otousan but because Yama Papa is a DAD!! HAPPY FATHER DAY althou it's abit early :P Both Yama Papa and Joushima otousan are like Ohmiya or Sakuraiba. W/o the both of them being together, none can survive the entertainment life.

Taichi and piano is a good combination. To me, his like a mix of Sho & Nino. If you really do observe well. Actually I did wanted a mix of Aiba but Oh well I think Mabo suits Aiba more :D Back to Taichi, his like the mother of the group exactly Sho. His very educated, calm and always do his best. Like Nino, Taichi think alot.

Matsu-nii! Why his like Aiba??? Otousan once said that if Mabo wasn't there he will feel lonely? I AGREE! Mabo has this very genki character that will cheer people or give them the high tension. He do things very randomly. Like out of the blue he will speak something of a different topic. Remember the Aiba incident when how he suddenly ask Sho, "Am I Fat?" That is what I mean. Just imagine it was Mabo asking Otousan! And when something fails, the whole tension in the room become this ..............................

Nagase. A very good mix of Juntoshi. Ohno = my world! They both like to be in their own world. Seeing things from their own perspective. They don't think much about what people say about them. For me that is why both Tokio and Arashi can be that successful. In all 5, there is someone in both groups that looks at them from a 3rd person. With that 3rd person, you can pinpoint out each members wrongs, mistake. But there they are when you need someone to rely on. Jun = Do-s!!! NAGASE HAS A DO-S CHAR SOMETIMES!!! His favourite phrase, "OMAE BAKA JYA NAI!" He said that to Nino, Aiba, Ohno and almost to all the Tokio members :D ZOMG Nagase voice is so sexy!!

YES, I LOVE TOKIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

&&&&&&&&&&&&& Look at whose in front of me now :DDDDDDDDDD
- Nino you look so cute but FAKE!
- Sho I love you but you are so UNEVEN
- Ohno that smirk is hehehe but ARE YOU BALDING?
- Aiba you have such a perfect body but WHAT WITH THE FRINGE?
- Jun you attract me the most in this poster but MATURE MOMO DOESN'T SUIT YOU!

(I was freaking bored)

Clean my room on thursday. FINALLY!!! Change position of posters. So the picture above is what I'm seeing now. Yes, it's the view in front of me when I'm using the lappy(: Shifted alot of stuff, threw away my textbooks and have place to put all my books now! Using the method of plastic bags is so amazing cos it save so much space. & I;m using something that I created in Secondary 2 during DnT lesson! It's usable, I'm amazed :X

To Minty,

Minty, I know you are reading this. Just wanna say, keep the secret of the engagement between us, okay!!! Minty, you make a really good friend(: Sometimes I do think that you are the only one I can count on when I spam about Sho soo much that it scares you. HAHAHA & Gomen, I can really be irritating and annoying sometimes :P I swear I don't want to shock you now with my hentai Sho thoughts. But making baby with Sho won't be that bad!! If I ever meet Sho, I'm gonna introduce Aiba to you!!! & when are we going NP to eat??


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