Saturday morning. 5:34am.

Judge me for all I care because this is how I'm like^_^ & by the way this is total opinion. If you are not interested, don't read.

I've been trying to ignore my feelings about this fandom. & I really don't want to judge people who I never met before or even talk to before. Yet through first impression, people start judging you. I am never and will never be perfect. I know it myself. I can be irritaing, annoying, fucked up but I do my utmost best in everything. I want to blame Arashi for letting this to happen but afterall it's the fault of both party. Arashi is getting famous, their popularity is increasing it can't be stop fully and we get proud of them too easily. The other party the fans. Everyone is changing even Arashi (Will explain this later) . The whole fandom is changing to be something that is horrible and stupid especially the new fans.

This was me the last time:

Went youtube watch videos one day....

"Ohhh Jun VS Jin. MUST WATCH!!!!"

Is watching and hates Jin cos how dare he fights with Jun!! His your senapi. Small fry debut only 7 days. Jun debut 7 years already!! Get really biased and start to hate Jin. Slowly, slowly starts hating Kat Tun.

Yes, that was how I used to be like when I entered the fandom. Just because of one video, just because of one fight that was never real I hated KAT-TUN worse Jin. I judged Jin by his pissed off face. BUT now, look what I'm doing now. Flailing over how Koki actually admired Sho's rap, how kame got so nervous when he went drinking with Matchy, Higashiyama and Mabo, how Taguchi is soooooo cute, how Ueda look sooooooo cute, how Maru is such an Arashi shipper and I'm actually attracted by the way Jin sing. I LOVE KAT-TUN! & I think NewS is amazing too but I don't like what I hear about Tego and the gaijin.

& don't say you hate one group just because of some incident that was for ratings!

When Tsuyoshi was caught with indecent exposure while being drunk some fans started saying bad things about SMAP. Do you know how cruel you all are being? What Tsuyoshi need now is the love and support he get from his fans and not people hating him. When I watch the news of the press conference and seeing him speak I really felt my heart breaking. With every pause, I wanted to tell him it was okay, people make mistakes. & how would you feel if someone did that to Arashi? Tell me you don't go crazy after being dead drunk??! I mean even Goro was caught for reckless drunk driving!

& Why is one rumor that happen years ago turning the whole fandom upside down?

I learnt my lesson after last year incident which I don't want to mention again because of some loopholes. Rumors will forever be rumors. & do you know much about Masami and Nino to actually thought it would be true. Do you even know that Nino & Masami weren't even together when the rumor together. 'TOGETHER' as in a picture was taken off them going out to eat dinner, holding hands or what you have. & so what if they are only eating dinner, can't a boy and girl go out together to have a proper meal as friends? If you believe that they are dating then would you tell me whether the guy who was rumored with Masami last year was true. Does it mean that Masami is dating another guy behind Nino back? If it really come true, I really wish Nino all the best and althou I don't really support this couple but afterall it's his choice :D I learn how to open, I'll be really happy if someone can take care of Sho. Cos I will know that someone is always there to make sure he had taken his meals, sleep enough or rest enough.

& about Arashi changing....

I don't like Arashi 'now' as in song style. I just watched the CM for crazy moon pv and again it's BLACK! I'm not against Arashi changing their song style or trying out new things. I know they need to grow up but what make Arashi is the crack they always have in their PV. I really prefer the natural 'HAPPINESS' and rainbow 'KITTO DAIJOUBU'. I really miss those time. Now watching their pv can get me so scared which never happen to me before. The only thing I'm really happy about is ANS is finally bringing back Aiba sugoruku. The last time they had it was the Christmas Special in 2007. I love the stockings, the nipple shirts, the otaku dance, the mustard and who could forget the delicious food.

I'm starting to leave the fandom for fans but I REALLY DO LOVE ARASHI! I WILL NEVER LEAVE THEM AND TO ME ARASHI IS TOP. All I'm leaving is the fans. I'm still going to be with those that are close to me(:

& I hate things like the HATE MEME! Just reading it is just a waste of time. Wonder why you never see the senpai fans there? They are never interested and they don't judge the other fandom. To me Tokio, V6, Kinki kids are always so peaceful.


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