Kiss and Cry

Domoto Tsuyoshi....
His so charming, amazing, hilarious, blank O_O His voice is so mesmerizing and I do know people who hate it because they can't appreciate it D: Not under my flist though. GEH people I come across randomly. His one of the first few JE that is actually interested in fishing. & How could I forgotten?! He love Koichi. If anyone did see one of the magazine trans of kinki. THE LUV PEOPLE I TELL YOU THE LUV! I don't mind the gehness. Seriously which fan doesn't ship JE cos of the rainbows XDD!

By the way. Seeing Tsuyoshi X Koichi just make me think of another pairing. NAGASE X KOICHI! People, see it!!! I miss this pairing so much T_T Urgh...I need help ))): I do not want to say Nagase should join Kinki Kids except that his always pretending to be in Kinki :DDD I need MOAR. Gosh, why am I such such a slave to pairings and LOVE XDDDD

Talking about love, I was talking to unknown person about erm...Kin-chan. (I don't even know what I'm talking about but who cares?) LALA and unknown person read this part, it might get abit moody but hey it's interesting. Nene you too ^_^

"That is me" I thought but who knows, I changed. To me, the last time me. Irie-kun was someone I knew I love, I wanted to have a future with. I learnt how to work hard to be worthy of him. His the one who I fell in love with. He was the one who showed me that scenery do change. He was the one who let me hear the breeze blowing gently. The world change, I change because of him. *stares at Sho*
For those who are a fan of ISWAK or Itazura na kiss, I'm sure you know in Kotoko/Xiang Qin life there is always Kin-chan/Ah Jin. Always being there beside her, supporting her and loving her without any demands(: One day...I found out how much Kin-chan matters to me. I changed my own version of [Itazura Na kiss]. Kin-chan, I'm actually LIK-ing him. O, how long did it take me to figure that out!? I have people swarming just to tell me that. My best friend did say it too :D I'm such a slowpoke. O_o kin-chan you make me think real hard.
But HEH....

I'll post about Annabel b'dae celebration another day.


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