Mflo Love Liting!!

ARHHH!! So many things to be happy about recently!! YES, I'm Smiling :D:D:D You know it's hardly that I can smile so much. Arashi is a reason, Tokio is another reason, Dramas are a reason and let's just say FRIENDS (^_^)

Firstly, Himitsu no Arashi-chan special. Didn't watch the full one but I watch the Beatbox (LOVE IT!!) and the VS Mario! ZOMG, I totally can see Nino as an otaku and Aiba don't dare to take risk!! Sho you fail so badly ))): THE BEATBOX! I got so excited when they asked Haruna Ai and Jun had to carry her to the studio! Meow~ Her male voice get's too sexy sometimes. Geez, I'm too influenced by the people in Je_Secrets :P She should continue on being a man but she's cute for a female. Isn't she one of the prettiest new-half like Top 3?? & i pity the news caster -.- plus they should not use Believe. I thought love so sweet was a better choice ^^

Secondly,I'm so happy with the dramas I've watched.
- Ikebukurou West Gate Park
I LOVE THIS DRAMA!!!! I LOVE NAGASE-NII!!! I LOVE THE SPECIAL!!! & I LOVE KING :DDDDDDD Hikaru double personality is abit scary, Yamai looks scary too and Jesse not being a blonde looks scary. I didn't thought I would love this drama in the first place since it was scary but I grew to love it :D:D:D Makoto is such a good person to date some times but the rest of the time his useless. You know what I like about the special the most?? KCE appearance. Just cos Uchi was wearing black the G-boys had to go chase him and they thought he was from black angels. & while G-boys was chasing him KCE was doing, "CATS~MEOW~CATS~MEOW~" I love it :D:D:D Since Sato-kun was doing both Master and Makoto friend, Master said, "Chotto Matte, doesn't he look like me!!" I nearly burst out laughing cos Master had this big perm on his head and he look so animated! Plus there's so many crossover between KCE and IWGP. One of it was Bambi girlfriend. She was Makoto dead girlfriend. 超面白い!!

Another Nagase-nii drama ^o^ No wonder his my favorite actor now(: I think Nino should act as a yankee :P Him acting as a yamnkee make him look cooler. REAL COOL! & the 院长 was so EBIL but he was soooooooooooooo かこいい in Gokusen! Can't be help D: & Nino like MIYUKI!! Call me slow but I didn't know Nino like her until episode 3 )): The part where Miyuki was asking Nagase-nii to marry her and he dropped his bowl!! Nino could get any girl he want in the drama and his been doing sex with teachers!!! GAH XD Seems like his father was a murderer and the police restricted him from going into IWGP! WTH right?? Just because his father is a murderer but Nino has not been doing any bad crime. He just went there to buy grocery!!! -.-

- The Quiz Show
OMGOSH! OMGOSH!!! I'm so shocked. All the while, I thought it was Takiza who killed Miyuki. In his memory, he was the one who killed her. I watched till the last episode yesterday. I guess you will never know what happen until you watch fully. Like what Yamanobe Kengo said he was the one who killed his sister. So this was what happen. It was Miyuki death anniversary of their parents! So takiza brought Ryoko-san home cos the rest insisted. Suddenly Ryoko-san cried and he had no idea what to do. & she kissed him which was seen by Yamanobe-san! After that Miyuki found out what happened and she got really angry she cancelled the engagement. The rest is a surprise. At first I thought that Takiza killed her because she cancelled the engagement but I was wrong): Takiza then received a letter from Miyuki about what happened. Miyuki committed suicide :O The reason why she committed suicide was NOT because kengo raped her but because she ACCEPTED him)): It's like a crime ne~~ but afterall they come from different fathers. The funny thing is that Kengo was dancing at the 'Dream Chance' part. I had my mouth wide open O:

Thridly, funny happenings!!! Have anyone watch Arashi no waza-ari? Kitarou is sooo cute ^_^ He had to sing [Kotoba yori taisetsuna Mono]. So they filmed him at the Karoke and Arashi thought he was really singing. So when the cameraman went in, they found out he was lipsyning to Ohno's part. SHO YOU ARE SO BAD!! YOU LAUGH THE LOUDEST!! I admit, I laughed too cos it was so funny XDDDDDDDDDDDD

Okay I have to go now :) to the clinic!! For a different reason)): I'm such a sick kid.


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