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Random Fact: When Arashi just debuted, Ohno fans USED to call him 'Prince'. IDK whether they still do it now. The fans now all lean on Sho side calling him '少爷'
Own opinion: They call Koichi 'Prince' too. & y'know how Ohno was used to be rumored to look like Koichi. Even his sister couldn't seperate him for Koichi.

Okay, I know people you are not that 'blur' to not realize that I actually change my blogskin :D WOOHOO!! Cram up post is still always the best :P & say "YEAH!" to my video O_O I'm sooooo in love with Shounentai 少年隊. According to my knowledge, I LOVE Nikki and Higashiyama but the other guy in Shounentai was caught to be on drugs. HEH...Johnny teach your kids, won't you? Johnny idols are one of the unteachable people *get shot* Drugs, Underage drinking, Rumors flying all around. BUT still I'm such a slave to JE. BANZAI JOHNNY! It's wierd that I know how the whole JE marketing actually works. & WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! Getting stuck to how many boys?? Wait let me count...Hikaru Genji has 2, SMAP has 5, Tokio has 5, V6 has 6, KK has 2, Arashi has 5, NewS has 6, K8 has 7, KAT-TUN has 6, HSJ has...10(?) and how many? My maths is failing me ))): 54!! & I NEEDED TO USE A CALCULATOR. *hide face in shame* xxxxx This year might be the best JE year for me ever cos I'm in loved with groups that are FATED!! Arashi & Tokio. xoxo This year in Tokio 15th year anni AND also Arashi 10th year anni. YIPEE! OMEDETTO!!~~

Talking about Anniversary, I wonder what Tokio and Arashi are going to do? Hmm... Maybe Tokio will do budokan again. I haven't heard anything about Tokio coming out a new single or Album. Except 'THE SHIGOTONIN' the 3 generations group :3 For Arashi, I can't THINK of anything?!?! What is called extravagant to them, they did it last year already. What can be more extravangant then 5-Dome, Kokuritsu & OHNO FIRST ROLE DRAMA :D We have 6 more months to wait. ARH I CAN'T STAND IT! 速く! The few choices are 1) a drama with all 5 - last time was V no Arashi which was 9 years ago. 2) a movie with all 5 of them - I hope not! 3) AAA tour again - with H1N1, e-eh the chances are so little *_* So, whatttttttttt? The only thing I can pray for is they do NOT do something like Kinki Kids! NOOOOOOOOOOOO, please?!!! *jump down building* Y'know only a 1-day concert is never enough to satisfy your fans! I'm sigh-ing so hard!!

I have decided to fight with KH no matter how crappy it is. THIS IS HOW MUCH I LOVE AIBA SUGORUKU.




@ 11:04 - Aiba Stocking
@ 11:05- Jun said, "In K, I received chocos from all of my classmate during vday."
@ 11:07 - Question to Ohno. [What do you like about Aiba?] [The way he is now]
@ 11:08 - blackhole around aiba nose, Jun stocking.
@ 11: 09 - Sho had to leave the studio for 5 mins
@ 11:11 - Nino had to do stocking. He look so hot before the stocking!
@ 11:12 - Aiba with handmade cookie, blackhole around Jun nose
@ 11:14 - blackhole around Nino nose
@ 11: 15 - Aiba had to leave the studio for 5 mins
@ 11: 16 - blackhole around Sho nose
@ 11: 17 - Nino had to leave the studio
@ 11:20 - Jun Zurikoke(?)
@ 11:22 - Sho's first confession. WOW staircase!!!
@ 11:23 - Ohno and Nino HARD GAY!!!
@ 11: 26 - EVERYONE CHIKUBI T-SHIRT!!! Batsu Game for not getting to the goal. 全人罰ゲーム!

NatsuMatsuri Anyone? Yukata~


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