I'm so scared. I'm scared of confessing. Never keep my hopes up too high, I know! But what am I to do? What am I going to do? His the only guy I could think of other than e-hem. What if...what if it will never work out between the both of us. What if we can never be what we used to be. Best friends, impossible?! Because I will forever tell myself not too fall in love but yet I fall in love so easily. & then i find myself falling for the wrong person. Either someone too far or someone dear to me. This is the me who hate falling in love. I tried staying away from love but then I found Sho. As well get someone that I can't reach so that he won't hurt me directly. Was I wrong to do it?! Was it against the law? God is it that fun to make fun of people, TELL ME! I really do want to know. What am I even supposed to do?!! I told myself "Stay away!!" so many times but it was useless. SO USELESS!! Everytime I see him, I want to get a step, just a single step closer to him. I can't even look at him straight in the eyes, it breaks my heart. Liting, I can't even pity you. I feel like an idiot, worrying over every single detail of him. I really felt the need to protect him from EVERYTHING when he don't even need me. 大嫌い!! ヤダヤダヤダヤダ): 私わ本当にバカね~本当に本当にバカ! But that baka is in love with you. xoxo I need the answer to every question that I want to ask YOU! The answer that will open up my heart.

Kin-chan, you know I'm still wondering. & Nat ask me to ask him out on my birthday. GOSH, You know I feel so DEAD when she said that. I mean I know it's gonna make one of my birthday wish come true but WTH. I totally, "NO WAY!!" in my head but I just told her "I'll try" Okay Nat if you see this, I'm soo sorry but I can't help it. His gonna know sooner or later that I'm liking him! BUTTTT I just don't want. I'm gonna panic like hell and I'm sure it would sux. ARHHH X| Nande!? *stressed out* HEH, they were saying that if he EVER EVER EVER like me, it would make a really good birthday present. >.<

& it's so wierd getting an advice from Justin -.-

GOSH!! I'm so paranoid! I was re-watching KINDAICHI! Yippe :D Ooooh and KYAAA chibi jun is so so so so HOT! & I'm getting too affected by the show that I actually think I'm gonna get killed if I step out of the room -.- "Oh oh it's back!! That feeling is back!!" I had that feeling the first time when i watch Forensic Heroes. I was so careful of everything around me. Yabai~ But I was quite relieved when I saw my mom at home. "Yatta!! The killer won't dare to do anything now!!" WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!? *smack self* HEH~!!

A while ago during dinner.

Maid: You want sausage, Mom buy.
Me: Ook.
Mum: I bought sausage.
Me: Yup I know.
Mum: Japanese sausage.

I was thinking HEH~! If it wasn't Japanese sausage would my Mom even tell me, hmm. When I saw the package I knew it was Japanese sausage already. NOT BECAUSE I know every japanese brand of sausage. BECAUSE I had a customer Medi-ya who used buy these sausage during a period cos it was buy 1 get 1 free. They had soooo many flavor like cheese, pepper and more. Talking about Medi-ya I know there's a chalet going on BUT I forgotten the timing ler :D Hehe ^^ I need to ask Munyee when she go online.


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