Amazed, Amazed and more Amazed

I'm freaking out!!! Come on, ASK ME!!!!

The best thing I ever did today was to went on to youtube and search for 'mas4' and found RoflWaffleLova. He is so so amazing!! This guy is one of the best dude I've ever seen!! & no I'm not joking. He has the best covers for song!!! MIROTIC just blew me away. WOOT! His voice, what can I say?? I'm NOT forgetting Bensharkey. Hey, different genre : D But his "YEAH" make me go 'meow~' The lyrics got me wanting to own DBSK but his voice attracted me to it.

You say you want me
You've fallen for me
You're crazy for it
Can't up and leave it
I got you~ Under my skin
You say you want me
You say you love me
Are you my slave then?
Just give me more, babe
I got you~ Under my skin

- Mirotic by DBSK

& listen to Mas4 remix. This is another amazing guy! I listened to J-Bootie Vol 1 & 2 already. K-Bootie only some. Not a big fan of K-pop as you all know : D Hmm...if I have to choose my favorite it will definetly be 'Bring the MUSIC!!! back (AAA vs S Club 7) ' Thats my favorite but I had to choose hard. The one I would really recommend would be 'Do me a poker face (Namie Amuro vs Lady Gaga)'. If you are not a fan of either both try 'Sexy Purple Line (DBSK vs Justin Timberlake)'. You will love him!! I'm sure you will cos it just MIXED!
Am trying to not get back into 'RAVEX' E-eh nene~ don't be surprised if you read this. 'RAVEX' is addicting but as all of you might not know that Techno might be a kill for me. The headaches, vomit and everything. This kind of symptoms might be common for some people. I CAN'T TAKE TECHNO ): But techno is not my style so I'm cool with it ^_^ I went youtube-ing for Ravex yesterday and the DJ Ozma pv was sooooo cute~~~ Reminds me of Ishibashi-san for some reason : D Some might know why. Finally caught Kumi X Misono 'It's all Love pv'. Getting abit too late :P Those siblings look alike. I don't look like my sister): woohoo!! I don't have a sibling. *hide face in shame* I heard Yusuke look like Aiba alot. Mai does look abit like Sho with the chipmunk features. I wonder who it come from? If Jun look like his sister means nee-chan would be cho kireii~HEH! There was a picture of Ohno mom spreading around before, if it is really her means Ohno does take after her.

By the way, go go go go go sign up for Last Fm!! & if you did add me, kay XD Roaming through lastfm, HEH~~ I should organize my Itunes sooner or later. It's organized enough already but I'm just not happy with it. And 400+ artiste, GOSH I'm amazing right :D *nodnod* Kousuke Yamshita is a GENIUS! *starts rambling on her own* Ya, his so AWESOME!



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