Mom says she want to bring me out to eat on my birthday : D I guess this happen when you're 18 cos she probably haven't do this for like years. The only thing I get from her is money. A meal would be just enough to put a smile on my face this year! It's either Manpaku or Raffles buffet. I have a craving for buffet so it's either the 2 (: Manpaku I can eat my okonomiyaki, sushi, katsudon, kare rice and my crepe!!! & somemore its at Tamp 1 and I can go uniqlo to shop for stuff ^_^ plus the japanese supermarket to get my Tongari corn and YIPEE!! I love Japanese food so much!! でも、母 don't eat Japanese food T_T Why don't I go Dintaifung and eat my XLB!!? Kyaa~~ DTF's XLB is so tempting!! Even Arashi love it especially Nii-chan. I'm so confused but I have 10-12 days to think!

Let's see what I have in store for June
- Priscillar birthday : D (Happy Birthday, Girl!!)
- Outing with the girls for my birthday!
- Meal with MOM!!
- Forum birthday celebration with Andrea!! (Saigo have to come!)
- Aibakaland outing for Nino's birthday!!
- Outing with close fangirls!! (Esp Minty, Carine and Lyn!)
- AAA DVD viewing with Xinying!! (Yipee! Sho's hip hop boogie is here~)
- Registering for MDIS.
& 私わ誕生日! BIRTHDAY

By the way, I have a feeling TQS last episode will be on my birthday or the week after my birthday which is 13 of June. For like the last series, after the Neet was Yamanobe Kengo ex-fiancee then it was Takizawa Dream chance then last episode was the whole truth. GOSH, I can't wait!! I really want to know what actually did happen to Misaki. Did she get killed or Kamiyama killed her. The relationship between Kamiyama, Misaki & Honma!! What is the relationship between yamanobe kengo and Honma? Why did he actually come back? Plus Sho's acting from TQS episode 1 till now did improve which I'm happy about!


Crazy moon ~キミ。ハ。ムテキ~♥


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