まさか オラ 平岡様?

My dearest, yes you are Hiraoka-sama : D

BORED!!!!Photobucket I deserve to be hit because I should stop saying I'm bored in front of people who's life has been sucked up dry. I HATE HOLIDAYS ): I don't really hate them but they get too bored sometimes. Someone ask me out please, although I'm going to reject it :P I wouldn't have been bored if SB isn't quiet nowadays D: I haven't see Sachi in ages plus I lurk them almost all the time. SACHI COME OUT IF NOT I'M GOING TO STALK YOU! I just wish June would come and go fast even though I have tons of things plan out. Like you know how people always say when you gets busy time always pass so fast! YAY I can't wait for school to start and SUCK ME DRY! I miss that feeling.

& now for Arashi. I put that picture up for a reason : D

明日の記憶/ Crazy Moon キミ・ハ・ムテキ SOLD 230,022 ON THEIR FIRST DAY!!!

Believe/ 曇りのち,快晴 sold 214, 618
Truth/ 風の向こうへ sold 208.647

That's like crazy alot!! I'm sure by the end of this week it's gonna hit 600k more then Believe single. It will then make it the first selling single of the year(: Both songs are so nice. Ashita no Kioku definetly stand the test of time. The lyrics are so beautiful and meaningful. The melody is so calming. The pv is so gorgeous. Crazy moon on the other hand is crazy. The choreography is just "BANG!" It's something they are good at. They have been doing it since the time they step into JE. Popping, Locking and all that. The pv is simple but there is only one thing you have to notice. The members. & Sho's collarbone is the HD perf of Crazy moon in utaban is a die for. PLUS who can forget Ohno's hip thrust.

明日の記憶(Tomorrow memories)
Translation credit: Nyanchan

wanting to make that sunset I saw with you on that day last forever
I reach out my hand and try to touch you over and over inside my memories, but
because you can't bring back the same scenery or emotion again
I guess I end up looking back on the dreams of that glittering past

because even in a new future sadness will overflow
and blur your heart, anyone would stop and lose sight of it

in the midst of the revolving seasons what color tomorrow will you paint?
if we strongly, strongly believed in each other, what color future is waiting for us?

because even the most precious memory will fade someday
we turned our eyes away from reality and escaped with the word called 'dreams'
even if the scarred, broken past was a mistake
your hands are untouched so you should start over from the beginning again and again

in the midst of the revolving eras I wonder how many times I'll be able to fall in love with someone
if we had deeply, deeply supported each other I wonder what I would be able to do for you

in the depths of our overlaid hearts
joy and sadnesss, warmth and hatred
the days that we met and shared
are definitely scorched into my heart

in the midst of the revolving seasons what color tomorrow will you paint?
if we strongly, strongly believed in each other, what color future is waiting for us?
what color tomorrow will you paint?

HOW CAN I FORGET?! Arashi 10th year anniversary concert tour was on 2ch. Johnny jii-chan haven't confirmed anything so we are still not sure. Seems like they will travel the whole of Japan this time. Hokkaido, Nigata, Osaka, Sendai, Ishikawa, Yoyogi, Hanamatsu, Nagano, Gaishihoru, Hiroshima, Fukoka back to Osaka Dome then lastly Tokyo Dome. It will stretch from 28 of August to 2nd of Jan. (I sux at spelling the full word of Jan T_T) People are complaining about why not having a Asia tour. I wouldn't mind not having an asia tour. The whole concert stretch up to 4 months. I WANT TO GO T_T BUT school definetly won't let me. Forget about pontening school. Let's hope LOVE DIARY isn't the theme for this year concert. It is probably the LAMEST thing I ever heard.


Au newest collection for 2009 summer is so amazing. I went to the Au site to play with the 3D thingy. I don't like the design for Ohno's SHOO2 but it's a solar phone which means its a phone that gets power from the sun. KYAA I really wonder when will Singapore ever invent this kind of phone. Can't they sell phones like Toshiba or Sharp here. Look at Aiba's phone. It actually tell you how long you have walk or run. I'm biased so I want Sho's T002 : D

I promised someone so here. & be warned, I don't look good!! *hide face*



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