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I HAVE THIS REALLY GOOD INSPIRATION!! On a one-shot. & Aiba one-shot!!! OMGosh do you know how exciting and nervous I'm feeling? I'm giving this one-shot to all the aiba wifey out there. GO GET IT GIRLS! Including me, little aiba sister : D OH I love nii-chan so much!! It actually based on his perf in Kokuritsu. Yes, "HELLO GOODBYE". I adore this song so much and the dance steps and the jacket and and and his shoes!! I'm imagining it. The scene, the screams, the dance, the sunset and the enormous stadium. Blessed stadium bless me for not getting writer blocks. I'm gonna get it either done by tommorow or before I go to sleep! PEOPLE, I'm just writing this down to remind myself not to excite anyone (:

I just realize this about me. I actually feel it wierd to say "I LIKE ARASHI" Not because I don't like them but because if I actually use the word 'LIKE' for them it gets too fake. I'm not too sure for other people but to me 'LOVE' is something I can sacrifice for. I'm willing to go to any cost (minus the illegal and mean stuff) to protect it. I would even die for the one I love. ARASHI INCLUDED. As you all know, one Day without arashi or even their songs could make me feel extremly down. As for the word 'LIKE', I rather use it for something common. If I use it on something or someone means I have an interest on a particular stuff. But this kind of feeling won't last long and it will fade with time.

Maybe I should stop using 'I' all the time. It's like all about me, me & me.

Want to buy the OST album of this song : D Gonna get this album soon!!! *scribble down* Hmm...I have tons of stuff to buy!!! Let's see first after I'm getting this album and I will wait for the whole series to finish and the dvd to come out. KO.ONE, X-FAMILY, KO 3AN GUO DVD!!! The only thing I have is the X-family OST. It's so amazing *_* With the pictures and the songs and more. Ko 3an guo storyline is more interesting then the previous two. Although it resolves around the 3 kingdom, I want to see how everything will turn out to be. How different it will get :P I'm so biased.

Dong cheng wei.



關羽和鲁布要打架时唱的 “朋友”



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