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18! & suffering

Justin was right. 18 is either the worst year of your life or the best year. Mine was worst but in a good way!! I had too much fun that I forgotten about stuff, important stuff that I need to handle. 18 marks another stage in your life. It's like going to a whole new level, a whole new world. Adult or not? Maybe another step closer to full-fledged adult : D I'm actually awaiting for either 20 or 21. I told myself by the age of 20 I must at least go to Japan once. Just once. In Japan, being 20 is a BIG AGE! You are allowed to do almost everything from smoking to drinking minus away the illegal stuff. & most importantly the ceremony(: 21 is a number but an important number to me. I have no idea whether Natalie still remembers this but 21 is the age when we become friends for 10 years. 10 years is no big deal but she is someone who is extremly precious to me. Someone who I can show my true self to. Someone who knows me in and out. But Shirin and Annabel, I'm not forgetting you. THANK YOU SO MUCH : D

Girlfriends are definetly the best thing ever in the whole wide world.

Thank you for pooh honey and the certificate. & I'm extremly grateful for adding Sho's name in it. & kenny thanks for driving us around : D The meal was delicious, the cake was great! Y'know Pooh honey is stuck to me forever. We are like glued up together.


SHO~! & birthday card. PLUS A BOOK STAND!!

So...Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. Zhiyong and yenting for the oreo cheesecake. MONEY : D I know you wanted to get Sho for me right?! Larry for the card on FB, I'm returning you with a real card and you have to pardon my bad handwriting plus bad drawings D: Thanks Carine for the earring which I'm wearing now. & everyone for the wishes. I know I will miss some people but whoever is reading this and I havent thank you yet, I love you!!



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