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Beautiful Days with Arashi - Jan. by BloodyTheory
Youre meeting Arashi and they wanna know your name
After seeing all the guys you you set an eye on:
After meeting them you feel:
On Monday you tripped over:
who was practising his dance moves:"You should be more careful and watch where you're going."
On Tuesday you ate bento with:
He asked you if you'd like some of his side dishes"I've got plenty here so you take some too."
On Wednesday you wanted:
to draw a picture of you:"But you'll turn out ugly."
On Thursday you learned dancing A.Ra.Shi with:
but you had a hard time remembering the steps:"How about we try this again tomorrow?"
On Friday you wanted to watch a drama with:
starring in it:"But you don't need a TV to look at my pretty face?" :D
On Saturday you yelled at:
for stepping on the helm of your dress ripping it:"Ah, this is bad. How much do I owe you?"
On Sunday you asked:
what is his dream girl like:"I haven't ever thought about it, but I think you'd be just fine."
Credits:Inspired by Tragiang's NEWS Weeeek quizzes. Icons by ellexelle @ livejournal.


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