I just wanna shut the world out.

1) Why I started blogging?

I love writing. All sorts of writing. I just needed a random place to write down all my thoughts, my rant, my opinon or view. Soon, the more I wrote the more my thoughts were arranged and I started to be able to understand the way my brain was working. Like what people do say, "Learn more about your brain because it is more dangerous then anything." Yup, I guess that's all.

If anyone doesn't know, I own a Livejournal and my own person diary(: & I have a private LJ that no one knows what the URL is :D

Listening to "Spend my Life with you" by Eric Benet & Tamia.

Can I just see you every morning when
I open my eyes
Can I just feel your heart beating beside me
Every night
Can we just feel this way together
Till the end of all time
Can I just spend my life with you

This week was fun and I get to hang out with the girls again!!! They are always the best when you need someone to rely on, to take an opinion from. & I find out how much I actually love to walk from Downtown East to Pasir Ris Park and then keep on talking till we are able to see the beautiful sunset. Laughing through every random thought that would come into our mind and mixing up all our words. XD I'm glad we are meeting for a lovely picnic this sunday : D

Oh ya, Tokio concert dates are out so I'm really excited! :) I got a little bit disspointed with the dates because it's only 5 dates, 3 destinations and thats all! Enough with the dissapointment, TOKIO's on tour for 2009!!! Just hope by the time I am in Japan, i get to see them in concert XD


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