BLEH BLEH BLEH :P I really need happy pills right now!! Saving grace is not doing their work ):

Well, life sometimes do have their up and downs. Don't they? With my recent emotional moments doesn't help being optimistic at all. I guess God love playing tricks on me every now and then. Just seeing how I would react to every worse case scenario that will come by. Life haven't been easy for me as usual. I'm glad that I have people like Jonna-nee chan, high school mates, Rin-chan to cheer me up. Sometimes I just feel like telling you all everything that is going through my mind but I don't even want to bother you with all the little stuff I'm going through. Urgh I can't believe how things are piling up that I don't even know what to do. I just have the urge to pull all my hair and throw my stuff out of the window. I just hope all will be well once a new chapter unfolds.

Hearing Flumpool newest single now. I just feel really attracted to Ryuuta-san voice especially in 春風 unplugged. I'm happy that I found them. They are coming to 1-year soon in October!!! Congrats in advanced. HAPPY~~~ (:

Recent Events.
- Tokio releasing a new single for Nagase drama!(:
- HEYx3 ARASHI. Rolling pipe was hilarious. Nino asked Matsumoto-san (Downtown) what was his favourite dish cooked by his wife. Make me wonder what kind of dish should I cook for my husband in the future. Well I was actually thinking of sweet & sour pork. If he ever like it :D
- Arashi on Music Lovers. Did anyone watched it? Or is anyone reading this both a fan of Yuzu and Arashi? KYA~ I can't believe that they finally said it on tv that Yuzu is a fan of Arashi. Aww make me feel so sweet~~The badminton athlete was kinda cute.

I guess that's all and here is Flumpool newest single.

MW ~Dear Mr. & Ms. ピカレスク~



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