Bon Voyage


Not having a good appetitie is making me scream for "HELP!!" The only thing I've been eating are rice, long bean, potato and nothing much. Drinking water, soup and orange juice only. I even rejected eating fish and mushroom today. I HATE MUSHROOMS NOW! Talking about food, the hokkaido fair was just like usual only more people because we went during lunch time. The first thing I attacked was of course the Koroke!(: We then went walking around looking for nice stuff to eat. The japanese guy was so sweet. He even wanted to change my koroke for his salmon. I mean his gonna make a bigg loss like $10 plus. We tried the famous Char Siew ramen. I always hear Aiba talking about it and I wonder what's the difference between our Char Siew and their Char Siew. They used lean meat for the ramen. Carine and I were going crazy in imitating the arashi members. We were laughing like mad. She got to imitate Ohno while I got to imitate Sho. It was hilarious, really! We just went oishii, umai, oishii, umai, maximum umai and all over again. One thing I didn't like about the ramen was that the noodle was too thick. We just have to see your preference. I LOVE TAKOSEN!!! I think Takoyaki is the mini and round ver. of okonomiyaki.


I'm now 1kg AWAY from my goal, OKAY! I'll prove to you all :D

New blogskin.


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