I close my eyes and I let go.
You talk me down like ground control.
When I'm too high you are down below.
You talk me down my ground control
- Kimura Kaela


Finally caught Harry Potter :P Go catch it, if you can!! It's worth your money and some of the scenes are really funny while the spoilers are really touching. Ronron and hermoine finally got together after so many obstacles. Sadly, I miss-ed 30mins of the movie cos Grace was late. & girl please take care of yourself. And I miss eating with you even though we are both complaining about fats but you really look like you lost weight.

I think I lost 10% of my unwanted memory. I have no idea how it happened. Maybe it was the other time I banged my head on the bathroom metal pipe. It was really hurting the following day. Recently, I just feel like I need to remember stuff that I am forgetting. So if I kind of forgotten something I make a promise with you, PLEASE PLEASE tell me!

I still think his forever cute :D


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