Last week was Sho so this week was Aiba :O I hate it everytime I dream of Arashi, I wake up with a cold and sometimes it gets really bad T-T URGH....

Okay. So I was talking to Natalie about this incident that happened in my house recently. I was asking her "Do you remember about me telling you I had a aunt that married a Japanese and after she gave birth she migrated to Japan." Then Natalie said Yes. I continued telling her "It seem that her son got transferred to Singapore and their family is moving back....."

I was looking at this family board where we wrote all the family meetings and dinner or whatever. I saw this note 'House Party at Fumi'. I asked my aunt who this Fumi was and then she said it was my cousin, the Japanese cousin. "Oh his name is Fumi..?" My aunt said no, that was only his nickname. I then asked what his name was and my aunt replied "AIBA MASAKI"
I was really shocked because in my dream I was also an Arashi fan but I thought it might be another 'Aiba Masaki'. On that day of the house party, I was really rushing. My family had to leave without me and I was left alone finding for that condo (He was living in a condo.)

I was walking walking then I bumped into this and when I look up, I SCREAMED!! It was AIBA, ARASHI'S AIBA!
Then my phone started ringing and it was my mom, "Where are you?"

"Mom I can't find this XX condo." Then Aiba said he live in that condo so he decided to bring me there.

"Which block are you going?"

"Erm....Block 15A xxxxxx"

"AHHHH You must be Liting?"

"Ya and you are?" I was really curious as to how he know my name then it struck me, "WAAAAA YOU ARE THAT COUSIN FROM JAPAN??"

Aiba became really high tension "YA YA YA YA IT'S ME!!! You are so cute" and he hugged me really tight.

& it ended.....Aiba hugged me♥♥♥


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