Silent Night, Holy Night

I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOOO IN LOVE WITH GUSSAN :D Yes, you read correctly. Not pan-kun (I still love him), not James, not wadever breed of dogs but GUSSAN!(: Hehe surprised ne~ Been catching up with TENSAI SHIMURA DOBUTSUEN the older episodes. So sara, you are not the only one watching older videos. Watch it for Aiba at first, fell so much in love with animals and ta-dah thinks Gussan is the cutest thing ever with the animals.
ps. The Gussan I'm talking about is not referring to Yamaguchi Tetsuya. Yama Papa.

I finally see Shomiya sticking so closer together in a 5-member photoshoot after so long ^o^ It's the most wonderful feeling.


Don't you love the MEMBER-AI. *bang keyboard & faint* I HATE YOU AIBA FOR STICKING SO CLOSE TO OHNO AND SMILING SO SWEETLY. OMGOSH! I swear this is currently my favorite ever everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Arashi group picture. Keio boy look really good too but abit older then his age with his small boy haircute. He look like a new-half, I'm not joking. Urgh I just wish Nino would stop smoking for once. His gums look like they are going to drop out soon): I'm casting you as Yuuki soo don't blame me, kay? Cos your character really match Yuuki except the part where he wants to follow the step of his baka idiot irritating chooo ikemen brother. For once, for once and FOR ONCE, Jun took out the Do-S look and his HAWT! Picture perfect, PEOPLE! Except maybe the gap in between Nino & Aiba which make the whole thing look so empty. The fans will fill it I'm sure :D


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