Picture Perfect

Wind for my bitch, please. (Someone tell me how much I love this lady)

& this is why the russians get their gold :D

I found out that Heather and Jael are best friends now. Do you know how happy I am!?!?!?!

Well, whoever NEVER, I said never, had their mood go up & down once in a while/anytime/all the time for a female undergoing puberty, PLEASE RAISE YOUR HANDS! .... *silent* I can't see hands going up. That means everyone has their mood up & down. Okay, i feel fustrated since yesterday! ._. I forgotten to continue watching tv to check whether chocolate do cause pimple. URGH!! Dark choco is indeed healthy and if you eat moderately it will help you to prevent heart disease. That's the only thing I learnt from that show. PLUS, it was like 5am+ in the morning today and I felt like I was having happy rainbow pills. Now still abit but its slowing disolving. I woke up and blah blah blah, a car went pass and my outing was cancelled with Natalie. I was too sleepy to even remember a single thing. *banghead* I was like totally lost but I did remember me and my mom were screaming talking to each other

I love RED..which is kinda obvious. The kind of red I like is when you put ure hand against the sun and you see your hand having this red lines following the shape of your finger. It's really pretty.

I'M MOVING TO TAMPINESE~~~~~~~~~! Only thing that worries me the most is adapting to living in HDB flats. I live in HDB flats before but that was below 5 years old and my brain doesnt have any memory about it except the perfect smelling delicious hor fun that is still selling now near my grandma house. *Slurp* I still have it cos its so good. BUT..idk, i like the privacy that terrace houses give. Maybe that's one of the reason why terrace houses are so nice to live in. Secondly is that the mrt that run through the tracks every 5 minutes or what. When I used to do a stayover at Jerry ex-condo house you could hear the tracks going so loudly. GAH XDXD Sacrifice people, if you want to live near the mrt D:

BloodyHell, Im sleepy and hungry...^o^


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