Ho!~ Summer(:

I saw something just now. Rather random but quite sad.

"112 Tsubasa Imai icons + 2 random Hideaki Takizawa icons" =.=''

I mean What is this?? Tsubasa are you really leaving takky or is it Takky leaving Tsubasa. I'm confused. They were so good together. They have the vocals, they have the moves, they have humor, they have the ikemen look but they are still a GROUP! Why is takky doing his solo projects, Tsubasa doing his solo projects but none together last year? It was not strange as to why I used to like them so much): 'Yume monogatari', 'Venus', 'Samurai' were all so good T-T If T&T wasn't like this I bet they could do much more then what Arashi is doing now ^_^

Should I watch Galileo - The movie now??


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