Yaya Arashi

I'm going to introduce a new group to you all.

YaYa Arashi やや嵐


Sakura Mishita



Tsuka Jun.

Jun seem to be the most popular among the girls so there was this girl who was standing up and kyaa-ing "TSUKA JUN!", he turned to her and gave her a flying kiss resulting in her fainting.
They then were blaming Jun for making her faint.

He then wakes her up in which she saw and scream "TSUKA JUN" again

Now, the staff have to bring her somewhere since she fainted again.

She then screams "Tsuka Jun" from one corner and she faints again.

...Again Jun wakes her up.

& she faints again. Oh man, really what can this dude do.

They ask the guest who's her fav

For the convenience to people who don't speak Japanese, Kajinomiya is going to hit the golf ball without hitting the cup which is under the golfball.

His task is to throw the dart onto the center in one-shot. If the Real Sho does it he will Sho!fail.

Nishio serious face in the replay tape.

I don't know how to explain ken-tama to you guys but it's a japanese traditional game. But this time Tsuka Jun is going to do a 5long ken-tama.

A fight within Yaya Arashi :O

& they solve it with a dance.

A piss off Nishio.

If you haven't realize all Yaya Arashi do is to imitate Arashi (is nino that white?) and to piss off Nishio the guest. He seems to be a regular in the show. Poor guy.


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