Ikenai Taiyou

I'm bored, seriously bored. Because the forum chatbox is not working (for me) and I'm wasting all the time I have now to do something useless like blogging again *whee* 12am quickly come!~ I just wanna catch tv then watch Yu Le Bai Fen Bai at 1am. Then waste my time watching ER or catch something Arashi. Probably fall asleep at 5+ like last night then wake up at 10am tommorow. Go online to catch Justin just to tell him 'Happy Birthday' (or maybe later) then go out with Mom.

I have alot of plans for tommorow. I swear. I really swear.

From going back to school, walking the path once again, going to whitesands basement, get my documents photocopy-ed, top up my ez-link card, take the train to queenstown, drop off and walk (catch the shuttle bus if we can), register for school at MDIS, walk back, take the train back to tampinese, conveniently take a simple walk to Singtel, queue up for the no., tell the person I want to change my phone, pay the person money, walk off, shop abit at NTUC cos mom want to get stuff for sure (or buy 4D/toto), wait for the agent to call, find the block, take a look around the house(s), discuss, take the bus back home, walk for ages and TEST...TEST...NEW PHONE :D

ohmy, I just told you my boring tommorow. My mind is going crazy. Rather random, seeing Sho hairstyle in yesterday Arashi no shukudai-kun, my tiny shy heart is fluttering. & The mentallist is good, I'm awed


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