Light in your Heart

V6 is performing in Asia Song festival. With Gackt, Big Bang and Xiao Zhu (: I just wish it was Arashi instead of V6, but I'm happy for V6, really! Go Masa-chan, hiro-kun, Inochi, Go-kun, Kenken, okada-kun. It's just that Xiao Zhu know Arashi and is an Arashi fan XD & sho-kun kind of know him through koda kumi. I remember xiaozhu saying Sho saw him during their AAA concert in Taipei. Okay, stop. Seriously, I'm on the verge of going crazy just imagining Xiao Zhu X Arashi together performing with me as the only audience. It's a nice image only for me as both a Xiao Zhu and Arashi fan.

School is starting in less than 2 weeks. I don't know what and how I am supposed to be feeling right now. It's not excitement, it's not the feeling of nervousness, I'm not feeling draggy about it, I just feel that I want to start right away, end everything faster then hop onto the next chapter of my life. Don't get me wrong though. I still want to enjoy school life with friends, with education, with the thought that I'm learning something out of the textbooks, something nearer to my dream.

Journalism and News Broadcasting is making me feel very excited over all the other modules. Maybe it's what am I'm gonna feel when I fully understand how the world of newscasting revolves. Like YOU&I are standing on the same line, looking at the same thing, feeling about the same thing too. What makes us so different? How do we exactly integrate and develope an awarenhess of the moral and ethical responsibilities involved in professional news reporting? How do we acuire the basic skills of professional news writing and examine the fundamentals involved in the news gathering process. How do we gain competence in accurate fact gathering and investigative reporting?

Since NatsuMatsuri is the time when I will go crazy right before school starts, I can't wait : D I know people who can't wait too! Will start isolating myself from Arashi once school starts too. It's a really hard thing to do, but for my dream but for my school, I will try my best.

Because of you I found the strength to move on.


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