Love forever

I saw this on Rachel LJ so I decided to do it here since my blogspot is now a bit deserted (:

01. Post an entry with a screenshot of your current desktop/wallpaper.
02. Explain why you're using that wallpaper.
03. Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper

Firstly, I have no idea why I'm using this. Just thought the picture of Sho was rather presentable in a way if my parents saw it they will accept it :D I always wanted a nice wallpaper of TOKIO as a whole but too bad I can't find it or it's me not looking closely.

Uhum, I clean my desktop before you could see all the rubbish I have :D Due to not spoiling my laptop, I kind of deleted some of the applications which I hardly use like, Keyhole.

& the sold so much for their albums. Johnny has a record for selling very little for their album. And to know they hit 200k is amazing. All I need to do now, is happily wait for my LE to come by (^o^) and "HELLOOOOOOOO" :D

TOKIO took 2nd for their single and I'm just proud of them :D The old is still the best. It's Tokio first single this year...I KNOW, FINALLY. The Mv's are out so go catch them cos the songs are equally good!(: & it's for Nagase drama.


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