3rd day.

After each and every ARASHI concert, there will be reports throughout the whole media industry. Flooding all the ARASHI Communities. And now who can forget that they welcomed the first day of "ARASHI Anniversary Concert Tour 5 x 10" their 10th year anniversary concert tour on 28 of August 2009! 5 x 10 = 5 people working hard together for 10 straight years. Those were not easy years, I'm sure. Reading every word, every phrase and every sentence it was of no surprised that I cried. I always have this fuzzy feeling within me everytime I read an ARASHI concert report filled with positive remarks. Yet, never would I start tearing at the first sentence.

"We're a group that took it's time a bit. We took the roundabout way, but we're glad to have finally arrived here. We feel all the more joyous"
- Sakurai Sho

Ten years ago, who would have thought that the ARASHI then who could barely create a ripple around the nation could now create the biggest storm they could, not just throughout Japan but the whole of Asia too.

Since 1999, singles that they sold could not hit a million and most of them did worst then expected. They had then to live with just 1 single a year. They were even working hard just relying on their 2 variety shows to fight for their place in the entertainment world and also with the newly debuted group in JE! It was never an easy path for them. As everyone would know, during their 2002 tour, everynight they would gather at Ohno's room to worry about "What they should do?", "What should they improve on?". Holding discussions for the direction they should take brought self-awareness to each member that unify them ever more to move in the same direction.

"All of us are dilligent. I believe that is the fruit born from doing everything with care."
- Matsumoto Jun.

They had to work 3 variety shows a week, I charity show, 2 different concert series in 2008 just to let the fans know of their existence. That they are there working extremly hard.
What make them different from the rest of the groups is that they know how to "ASK" or "REQUEST". Impressing someone during their FIRST SUPPIN CONCERT, they were offered any kind of present and all member choose that they wanted their own variety show. That's how Mayanoka came about while slowly led to NAMA, CXDXG no ARASHI and even ARASHI no SHUKUDAI-KUN. The staffs were people who followed them since their beginning, who know how to appreciate them.

To fufil the fans request, Ohno asked the company whether he could have his own Art Exhibition. Sho asked whether he could even become a News Caster. Aiba wanted to do experiments on their variety shows and that was releated ODOROKI no ARSHI which just came about from a Simple A no ARASHI segment. Nino started composing songs for the groups. Jun even persisted on using ARASHI songs as his drama theme song.

"Ten years ago, we would never have thought that we would be standing here today. We are truly blessed..."
- Ohno Satoshi

Look where they are now, selling top singles every year. & now their first million-seller is now right before their eye. With the best of Album 'ALL THE BEST 1999-2009".

& we know 10th year is still a checkpoint. The "ARASHI ERA" still has yet to end. (:



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