I want to..

Well, I've been thinking about alot of stuff I actually want to do. I know the chance of completing some of them is actually rather slim. Chances are that I might not even start on some of them is quite huge. D: Like for example I want to learn Yoga. Just to get rid of this unflexibility that I have in my muscles. Touching my toes is the hardest thing I did :P The first thing I need to do now is actually get a new haircut! Yay, I've been ranting of that for weeks! But everybody just start complaining on how short my hair actually is and need not cut anymore. I still think I really need to cut PhotobucketAbout the spectacle thing, I have an idea on what I want. ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ_彡☆バンバン!!

I had such a good dream last night!!

After the match yesterday, I went home saw Jerry and his family. They then dragged me along with them to Tampinese. When we reach there, I keep on seeing all the Kakushi Toride posters! After that the 3 brothers wanted to go to the toilent. Aunty Karen and uncle Patrick wanted to go subway and eat. To go to subway, you must pass through Mac (This was in my dream.) While walking in mac, I saw them eating there. I decided to turn back cos I was extremly shy.
|・ω・`)コッショリ Waited for the three brothers to come out so we went to look for their parents. Jerry insisted on walking through Mac and the whole row was occupied by the Albirex Niigata people! Subce U was the last one to talk, it was obvious they wanted to trip me. So I fell and I dont know why I was wearing my class jersey which had my name. So they called out my name in very broken english "You liting, right?" When I said yes they told me I could leave. After eating subway, when i went back they were still there. They called my name again and said they wanted to ask me something. Then some random guy said "Without you there wont be Nishi" and I was like O_O "Nishi of AAA". He replied "Attack all around? Nope not him" I ased who is Nishi and he point to the guy who was standing beside me. They then asked me how do Singapore communicate through the net. I said MSN, Facebook and they said they didn't have. Then another guy beside me said that he has a blog and i was *_* They just asked me to give them my msn, facebook and my no. IT ENDED (:

Didn't want to wake up in the first place but if I could continue sleeping I would start imagining about stuff. ToT T-T


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