52 and just the way you are



I'm done reading Murakami's Norwegian Wood. If not for Hong Kong International Airport, I wouldn't have bought this book at all. Neither would I have notice the huge difference in price in books sold overseas and books sold in Singapore. No wonder we don't like to read. Back to Norweigian wood, I watched finish the movie. I also heard the song sang by the beatles. Fully had myself get into the story.

In a world of uneasy friendships, casual sex, passion, loss and desire. If it was me where would I end up being? Stuck in the past and become like Naoko trying to communication with the outside world. Or Midori?

Hong Kong - a fun place to be. Eat, Walk and Sleep. That's what you do 24/7 when you are there. I definetly gain a lot of kg from the dim sum, duck, pork, mango desserts and alot of porridge. For 2 straight nights I had porridge which I wasn't complaining a single bit. Hong Kong porridge is nice. Just a little suggestion from what I hear, HK is never great to visit during the summer.

Macau - Mini little Italy. Only cleaner and cheaper. Venitian. After that was a little walk down from Ruins of St paul to all the shops along the way. Best to buy any edible souveniers from there. Don't forget about the Portugese Egg tart and witness a proposal like me xD

I guess this is pretty all.

46 & a new start




It's been 16 days pass the start of 2011.








44 and hello PH!

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42 says バイバイ

I came out of the bath and having the urge to blog.

I have no idea what to write though.

Alot of stuff happened.

Yuni's farewell dinner before he enter NS



Guys enter NS in a blink of an eye. Being Singaporean, theres nothing we can do except accept our fact. I never had to see a boyfriend enter into NS so I probably never get to feel the pain that I see my girlfriends go through.

アルビ Last Match

A year ended. It's time for us to say good bye. S-league you ended. Etoile you won. Tampines Rovers it's ok!! You will win next year!! It's sad you were only that ONE point behind Etoile :( They lost to Etoile which I kind of expected although KZK managed to kick in miracle goals but it was not enough for 4 miracle goals.


Coach Koichi makes me go AWWWW most of the time. While the guy beside, it's been a year plus yet I still haven't find that courage to talk to you without my heart going ドキドキ. The frog price from Land Ikemen. (: One day, I will try although I know you won't be back in Singapore T_T

Night Safari~



Went Night Safari on thursday with Yijun, Eliza and Audrey 8D~ 大哥 Ps Us. He is 最低! Which we kinda found him performing for the animal show. So 大哥 was actually working. Hardworking seh :DDD Bump into a bunch of Japanese Junior High school kids who got excited over an expensive fish spa.



I found Eliza lookalike in an Arashi con! You lucky lady!